Kids of Kathmandu Team

Jami Saunders | Co-Founder

Jami Saunders is a NY photographer whose passion for storytelling is a driving force behind KoK.  She graduated in Psychology from Washington University, St. Louis; for years was a VISTA/Americorps member discussing suicide prevention with teenagers. She finds it a dream to utilize photography to create change/awareness in the world. 

Andrew Raible | Co-Founder

Andrew is a New York-based modern furniture designer/maker. He attended Pratt Institute in industrial design and has created custom pieces all over the world. His fascination with process and design, and his belief in collaboration breathes life to innovative relationships both domestically and internationally.

Michelle Brady | Treasurer

Michelle Brady, a photographer and educator for the past 10 years, currently co-owns and operates Catskills Workshops and Retreats, an artist retreat. She brings her organization and vision of the big picture to Kids of Kathmandu and is inspired to use this knowledge to make a difference.

Hilarie LesVeaux | Secretary

Hilarie LesVeaux is an interior designer at a small Manhattan based firm. After studying design in Oregon for three years she moved back to New York to pursue her career. For the past two years she has been working on a variety of challenging residential and commercial projects.    

Lynn Polereczki | Event Coordinator

Lynn Polereczki is currently serving as the Event Coordinator at Kids of Kathmandu. She is presently employed in Business Development at the Greater New York Chamber of Commerce, where she focuses on economic development for small to medium size businesses in the New York Metropolitan Area.        

Bhushan Dahal | Orphanage Liaison

Bhushan Dahal works in Nepal as Orphanage Liaison for Kids of Kathmandu, a vital position to open communication across the continents. Having completed his Bachelors of Business Administration, combined with his previous nonprofit work and commitment to the betterment of less fortunate children of Nepal, allows him to contribute tremendously.

Suva Shrestha | Project Coordinator

Suva Shrestha is a Kathmandu-ite who has been living in NYC for the last two years since graduating from UPenn, Philadelphia with a Master’s degree in Computers and I.T. He currently works at a firm that creates education software to help teachers and students.

Ben Barnard | Webmaster

Ben Barnard is a web designer based in Brooklyn, NY.  He enjoys literature and geography and using the web to present great ideas in interesting ways.