The enLIGHTen Project

We invited 17 of the best lighting designers from across the world to design and donate a light for The enLIGHTen Project.

We also invited 5 photographers who have photographed in Nepal to donate their works to the auction.

The proceeds from the sale of these pieces will go towards the purchase, installation and upkeep of solar panels, batteries, solar lanterns, and a water filtration system at an orphanage in Bhaktapur, Nepal. The electricity will allow the kids to have lighting, clean water, refrigeration, computers as well as other basic, fundamental sanitary conveniences. The improvement will be profound. And in the long run, measurable, as we see their health and schooling improve. Funds will also go towards education, a cause that will always be a top priority for Kids of Kathmandu.


Collaboration between the notable artist community in New York and Worldwide, and translating that into resources for the children in Nepal, is what Kids of Kathmandu is all about.