Kavre Secondary School

Kids of Kathmandu’s 2019 School Rebuilding Project is our 7th rebuild and most sustainable and design-forward school to date. In response to the 2015 earthquake – which destroyed thousands of schools and left over a million children without a school to attend – Kids of Kathmandu has built schools for over 2,500 students. Along the way we have partnered with best-in-class architects, engineers and now contractors to ensure that our schools are well designed, expertly constructed and have a full complement of ancillary support systems.

In 2019, our Karma Improvement Project Team and Kids of Kathmandu are funding and participating in the construction of the second phase of the Dwar Paleshwor school in Kavre, Nepal. This K -10 school for 150 to 200 students will be a leading example of rammed earth technology used for a school in Nepal.

Helping Hands

Donor and Support systems Coordinator
(Audi Group) and Kids of Kathmandu

Structural Engineering, Project Lead, Client
Arun Rimal

Architecture & Master Planning
Cycle Architecture + Planning

Rammed Earth Construction
Rammed Earth Solutions

Stormwater and Sanitary Design
eDesign Dynamics

Local Architect
Santiago Caridad

Design Assistance
Johannes Werzler