Funding education and providing supporting services to marginalized nepali children has always been Kids of Kathmandu’s focus.   After the April 2015 earthquake, we partnered with our trusted friends at Asia Friendship Network(AFN) who has previously built over 80 schools in Nepal, and SHoP architects, a renowned NY based architecture firm to REBUILD NEPAL.  This collective partnership allowed all groups to focus on their strengths to deliver a complete learning experience to the kids.

Gaining experience and building a trustworthy team in this process, in 2017 Kids of Kathmandu breaks ground on our 1st school built on our own school with our local team and international designers/engineers.

SHoP Architects has designed a comprehensive solution to a variety of community needs. The architectural plans have taken into consideration the need for natural light, ventilation, community space, construction, and material transportation costs.


The design is a flexible “kit-of-parts” that is adaptable to the different, and often extreme, conditions across the many sites.

Kids of Kathmandu and our many partners have done a great deal of work to ensure that the schools we rebuild in rural Nepal will be safe and affordable. Our design and engineering work allows us and others groups to maximize our donor’s dollars to provide a 21st century educational experience to prepare the children for their future in this ever evolving Nepal.

All of our designs, engineering and construction management processes will be posted online for free for other individuals or groups, with assistance from a local architect, to build from our designs without incurring the cost of design development or engineering.  The Nepali Ministry of Education has approved our designs and engineering allowing other groups an expedited approval process when submitting their plans for approval.  The time and cost savings will allow groups to build more schools, and safer schools, in a shorter period of time, for the foreseeable future.


Construction for our first 6 schools for 1,200 students was completed in 2016. New construction in the works for 2017.

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