Team (B)

Jami Saunders

Co-founder / President / New York

A New York based professional photographer since 2003, Jami tells the stories of children and families through images. Photographing the children at the NYCDS orphanage while in Nepal with Andrew Raible in early 2010, they brought these images home and began to use them to bring awareness to the needs of children in Nepal. 6 months later in October 2010, Kids of Kathmandu was founded. Jami has a BA in Psychology from Washington University in St. Louis, and has worked with underserved and underprivileged children since she was a teen. Creating her own entity for the betterment of children was unplanned but not unexpected. In 2016, Jami launched Oja Moon, a cashmere children’s line handmade at a women’s center in Nepal. Each sale supports the women making the toys, blankets and clothing, and contributes back to Kids of Kathmandu in support of the children of Nepal.

Andrew Raible

Co-Founder / Executive Director / New York

Andrew travelled to Nepal with Jami Saunders for the first time in 2010. After coming home to Brooklyn, they co-founded Kids of Kathmandu to help marginalized Nepali children receive the support and education necessary to become independent, productive adults in an ever evolving Nepal. Andrew transitioned from his previous life as a furniture designer/fabricator to concentrating full-time on Kids of Kathmandu after the massive April 2015 earthquake. His work in developing projects, assessing needs and forging new partnerships for Kids of Kathmandu has more similarities to designing and building furniture than Andrew ever anticipated. He understands that by paring everything down to the essentials, measuring the effectiveness and sturdiness of the project, and relying on the expertise of others, one can achieve results that are not only solid and functional, but also quite beautiful.

Bhushan Dahal

Country Leader / Nepal

Bhushan was the first hire with Kids of Kathmandu and has been on the team since 2012. He is a vital part of their every day operations, beginning with the orphanage, and developing into the school rebuilding. He wears many hats from negotiating rice costs to meeting with heads of the country discussing complicated rules and regulations to accompanying kids to the hospital in the middle of the night. He is currently doing a joint MBA/ MBS program in Kathmandu. Originally born in Kathmandu, Bhushan has a passion for business management, as well as traveling, taking pictures and playing cricket.

Babu Ram Gole

Project Manager / Nepal

Baburam Gole joined the team in 2015 as the school rebuilding project began to take shape. He balances many ongoing projects by monitoring the field work of the contractors and coordinating with our partners. His oversight is yet another stop to ensure that our donor dollars are being spent as intended. Babu, as he is called, is currently doing a Masters in Business study at Tribhuvan University in Kathmandu. He also teaches math to grade 10 students, a very important year in the Nepali school system.