The Kids

From 2010-2019, we have supported the children of NYCDS (New Youth Children’s Development Society). We are so grateful for the community we have built across the world to help us in the endeavor. Like kids everywhere, these kids dream of becoming doctors, policeman, pilots, dancers and artists. For almost a decade it has been our mission to help these kids achieve a life where they can incorporate their dreams and we are so proud of the person each child below has and is continuing to become.

New sponsorship is now closed.

Beginning 2020, we will continue to sponsor education for our kids in Class 10-12 and for 1 post graduation “transition” year as our young adults navigate their next decisions and directions in life.

Future individual sponsorships will be available under a new program soon.

(Note: A heart indicates a child is currently being sponsored.
A gradhat indicates the child has already graduated.)