In light of the recent 7.8 magnitiude earthquake in Nepal, we are encouraging people to act now. The need for funds and support is going to last for days, weeks, months, if not years. Please give while the images are fresh in your mind and your desire to help is so incredible.

Kids of Kathmandu has been developing trusted relationships with local Nepali organizations, friends, and professionals since 2010. These previously established relationships have never been more important than now. Funds donated to Kids of Kathmandu for disaster relief are being used in partnership with different organizations that we know and trust for different missions daily, bringing aid and relief to the region in a deliberate, measured, and timely manner.

We understand that the measures taken today and in the next few weeks are necessary to curb the immediate suffering and avoid a secondary health crisis. The real healing will continue through years of hard work and focus to rebuild Nepal into the nation where all its people can thrive and be happy, that the tourism industry can rebuild itself, and that Nepal as a nation can be stronger than it was before.

Jami + Andrew
And the team at Kids of Kathmandu

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