In light of the devastating earthquake in Nepal, and the generosity shown by so many, we thank you. The need for funds and support is ongoing and is going to last for days, weeks, months, if not years.

Our team of trusted and effective relationships formed in the past years has served Kids of Kathmandu and especially our kids, well. But never has the importance of these relationships been more apparent than since the earthquake on April 25.

Our Phase 1 Relief efforts included the purchase and distribution of shelter tents, food and medicines in the Kathmandu Valley as well as in remote districts and villages. Our team was on the first wave of relief, and often the first aid convoy to reach devastated villages. Ultimately, our team was able to reach almost 20,000 people.

In our Phase 2 Relief efforts, our team led medical camps with Nepali and Malaysian doctors to remote villages to administer aid to people who had yet to receive medical care in the weeks after the earthquake, and to follow up on previous treatments that were being neglected.

Now in Phase 3 of our Earthquake efforts, the bulk of our funding and focus will remain with our core value that Kids of Kathmandu is founded upon: children and education. With our partners we will be part of a massive school rebuilding movement. We will be leveraging our existing network of Nepali and American partners, as well as government contacts in relevant ministries, to rebuild devastated schools in rural Nepal. Details to come.

Our fund dispersal is completely transparent, and we are built on a network of fierce honesty. Our sole purpose is to relieve suffering of the Nepali people the earthquake has caused, to help rebuild a nation on better footing than it was on before, and empower tomorrow’s generation to create a life for themselves, their families, and the world.

Jami Saunders + Andrew Raible, Founders
And the Team at Kids of Kathmandu

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