Kids of Kathmandu and our Nepali/Japanese partners at Asian Friendship Network (AFN), have the privilege of rebuilding 52 public schools serving 10,000 kids in the areas hardest hit by the April 25th, 2015 earthquake in Nepal.

AFN has built over 80 schools in Nepal over the past 16 years. Their longstanding relationship with the Nepal Ministry of Education will enable our AFN/KoK partnership to build schools that will provide a 21st century facility and educational experience to a truly marginalized population of children in Nepal.

We are determined to raise the bar on what is considered a suitable public school in these remote regions. The children’s learning experience will be enhanced by well-ventilated, light-filled classrooms with proper toilets and clean kitchens as well as teacher, health and hygiene training. In addition, these schools will serve as community centers to provide solar electricity, purified water, internet connectivity and emergency provisions for the entire village, benefiting thousands of people. We have partnered with NY based, internationally recognized SHoP architects to help reach these goals.

With our international partners and staff, we are confident that these schools will become true 21st century models for the rest of Nepal to follow as the rebuilding of the thousands of schools continues.

Our collective experiences and working relationships assure that this task will be completed in a thoughtful and responsible way, and that thousands of Nepali children will once again have schools to go to everyday.

Jami Saunders + Andrew Raible, Founders
And the Team at Kids of Kathmandu

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